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Hello, I’m Suzanne! 

Nice to meet you.


Since I was a little kid, I have always loved fruit.  I preferred a pear or blueberries even to dessert or candy!

So I wanted to have a way to eat fruit more often, at lunch and dinner - however, I didn't want something overly sweetened so you only taste sugar, like most jam. I was looking for a more savory version, less sweet, so you can actually taste yumminess of the fruit. I also love gardening, and harvesting scrumptious just-ripe fruits and vegetables; I wanted to preserve that wonderful fresh flavor to be enjoyed all year round, and to bring it to people who don’t have the luxury of their own tomato vine. In the middle of winter, it’s like opening a jar of summertime sunshine. Now I have turned that into a line of delicious products-  Fruit with Tang - fruit and vegetable based sauces with a bit of zing to jazz up people’s lives. My products create a unique gourmet taste that is extremely versatile in its uses, adding all natural and healthful fruit accents to cheese platters, caramelized on top of grilled meats or roasted vegetables, sandwiches, and more; customers can enjoy it with their favorite savory dishes and find recipes on my website.

In summer 2015 I expanded my product line. I played around created recipes for handmade gourmet ketchups that feature wonderful fresh tomato flavor, and fat free fruit-based salad dressings, which are all getting rave reviews.


I founded Suzanne’s Sweet Savories in 2012, while a sophomore at Middlebury College, as a result of an immersive innovation and leadership workshop. It was an idea I had vaguely, but did not think I would do it as a business.  I started experimenting in the kitchen, and doing all the research to find out what would be involved, hypothetically, in starting it as a company and spreading the deliciousness to others. At the end of the month, I received Runner Up in the competition of the business proposals of all the workshop participants - and the judges told me ‘You know, a lot of these ideas are pretty fanciful or hard to start, but your idea, it is definitely feasible, you could actually do that.’ So, I thought I’d give it a try… I went to farmers’ markets in Vermont for 2 summers and got into a few stores near school, working on the business while still being a full-time student at Middlebury.  

Just after graduation in 2014, I accelerated it a bit, I have been traveling to farmers markets and festivals across Vermont, and my products are in a few stores as well. Then in 2015, I worked to expand the geographic range of my company, introducing my products to people on Cape Cod, Boston suburbs and the lakes region of New Hampshire, through both craft fairs and a bunch of new stores carrying my products.

Now SSS is taking a little break, as I am now going to graduate school and dedicating most of my time to that. But please look around and if you have any comments, questions or would like to order, get in touch below!

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